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What I’ve been doing

October 28, 2007

Ok been a while since I blogged. Not that anyone out there has noticed :(.

Anyway heres a breakdown

Watched Night of the Hunter for the upteenth time. Amazing movie, one of my favourites of all time. Review to follow

Playing Super Paper Mario & Zelda Phantom Hourglass. Two awesome games

ReadingNo books currently just comics 😦 Check out Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters, Booster Gold, Justice Society of America….and I am also liking Dwayne Mcduffie’s current run on Justice League, though I hear some critics complaining…and I don’t understand why. Its got action and suspense, if I was a kid I’d love it. I think thats the problem, comics’ maturing readership and the fact that less and less young people read comics…which is a real shame since thats who they were aways primarily aimed for… 😦


Resident Evil 4 (Wii Edition)

April 14, 2007

Man this is soooo cheesy….especially the end…made me laugh…still probably by the game… :S


Zelda Twilight Princess

March 16, 2007

This game is awesome, so big and so wonderful, granted graphics are bit too Gamecube for the wii but loving it all the same. Using the wii-mote for sword strokes is pure genius.

PS3 Vs Wii

December 5, 2006

So the next generation of gaming is finally here, and what do we have as a result?

Well to strat of with I must declare that I have always been a Nintendo fan above Sony (and microsoft). Mainly due to the games, although the xbox and the PS maybe a graphically superior beast, they have always I felt lacked behind in that ‘giggle’ factor…what is the ‘giggle’ factor? Its that sense of joy you get when you you solve a puzzle that is both clever absurdly funny. Don’t get me wrong I have always gasped whenever I looked at any PS or Xbox graphics, its just that for me graphics have never been enough. Thats generally how I feel about shoot-em ups and racing games, with the increase in hardware power these types of games have gotten ‘more real’ yet increasingly they appeal to me less and less (maybe I’m just getting older ;)). Thats part of the reason why I like Nintendo’s strategy in releasing the wii, its trying to apeal to a wider audience and invent games to really test the mind. How are they doing this? By creating a user interface that doesn’t require you to be good and bashing buttons on a pad. They have levelled the playing field because now anyone can ‘learn’ how to play a game quickly just by picking up ‘wiimote’ and they don’t have to sit there and learn the button combinations to excute a character’s ‘special move’ …OK it may not be exactly like this but hopefully you understand what I mean. So what does this mean for gameplay? Well now those people that write games will have to try and create gameplay that is inovative and ‘clever’ since the interface is as simple as waving a hand, attracting a wider base of people who will demand a greater user experience. Well thats what I think anyway..time wil tell.