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Second Post

December 3, 2006

So I’ve set up my blog and i think to myself what shall I write about? I have all these ideas filling my quite sophisticated mind 😉 . However when I actually sit in front of my computer ready to type my mind goes blank…Talk about writers block! Maybe I should stick to web programming, writing code to run a website is far easier then writing the content that goes onto it…ho-hum!

Anyway here are a few things that caught my attention …

What’s Going Through Britney’s Head?

I especially like the fact that Paris Hilton is trying stop Britney from displaying her ‘Family Jewels’ … it’s like a hooker trying to persuade a porn star to stop making movies because it’s demeaning to women! Not that I consider either of the two to be a porn stars or hookers … well not in the dictionary definition sense at least.

Anyway here’s something a bit more intellectually stimulating:

Google and Web 2.0

I find the whole web 2.0 thing very interesting I was at this user group meeting recently in London and a guy there was telling me about this conference he attended that was supposed to put techies in touch with the people who run businesses. All these business type people were trying to jump on the bandwagon, trying to latch on to something that doesn’t really exist by hiring loads of techies … the real issue was that none of them had any smart projects that these techies could work on once they hired them. Its like hiring a builder to build the most fantastic house ever, but not having any blueprints for it. The builder can do it but nine times out of ten the house will probably not be how the property owner envisioned..