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Blue Beetle Test Footage

July 22, 2010

Around the 50 second mark…Still no Ted Kord…



July 19, 2010

I really enjoyed this movie. There were times while I was watching it where there was a genuine smile on my face at the sheer spectacle of it all. I think its probably one of the best blockbusters to come out of Hollywood for a long time. However it does have its problems, the main one being that the more I think about the plot the more absurd I start to think it is, but it is a genuine work of art and really I think we should treat its plot absurdities in the same way as every other Hollywood blockbuster. i.e just go with it and don’t think too hard about it.

The film has also made me realise how many talented people Nolan has managed to bring together. The cinematography, set design and sound were outstanding, and the cast of actors around DiCaprio were spot on. If I had one gripe I wish he would have given more story/characterisation to those around him who seemed to be having more fun with the whole thing then DiCaprio. Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Dileep Rao were brilliant as was Ken Watanabe.

Exporting out of a Recession

July 5, 2010

One of the big things that currently confuses me is the government’s belief that by increasing exports we will get growth. Now I’m not going to argue against increasing exports having a positive affect on growth, but what I will talk about is how hard it will be for the UK economy to get this increase.

The UK economy relies heavily on the eurozone for its market in exports ( around 50% give or take ) , so we rely quite heavily on how well Europe is doing. However the Europe showed no growth in the last 3 months of 2009 so where is this demand going to come from? Which leads me on to my second point about the global economy

Every country sees exporting as their way out of the slump in growth ( see the recent G20 summit ) but if everyone is doing this who is going to buy the goods?

Prince of Persia

July 4, 2010

Prince of steaming pile of cow dung more like. What is going one with the Hollywood Summer blockbuster machine. So far all the movies have been a just plain crap. Prince of Persia was horrendous. Gemma Atherton gives a truly dreadful performance and there is absolutely no chemistry between her and Jake ‘ I should have been spider-man’ Gyllenhaal. The script is lame, the plotting and dialogue dreadful, bad acting and then to top it all off I go to IMDB and the user rating for the movie is 6.9! WTF.

Avoid this monster.

I can’t wait until The Last Airbender comes out…apparently it contains lines such as ‘I always wanted to be a bender’ …that’s going to go down so well with a UK audience…

Crowding Out

July 3, 2010

Its been a long time since I’ve blogged. I’m going to aim to start at least writing something once a day even if it is nonsensical crap…not that anyone is reading this in the first place.

I was watching This Week on Thursday and Michael Portillo mentioned crowding out ( This is when an increase in public spending, reduces private investment/consumption – effectively public spending is ‘crowding out’ private spending ) as a valid reason for reducing the huge budget deficit that the UK currently has. Now I’m no expert ( apart from the bachelors degree in economics that I hold ), but to me this is an absolutely absurd argument. I do believe that crowding out is a legitimate reason for reducing public spending, but only when the economy is at full capacity, and the UK is currently nowhere near this. If you look at these figures from the office of national statistics, we have an unemployment rate of 7.9% and a growth rate in the first quarter of just 0.3%. The current government hopes that by reducing public spending private investment will rush in and fill the void….but why would they? The future of the economy is still unclear and we still have huge debts to pay off, more likely they will hoard cash to pay of those debts rather then invest.

The government also hopes that Britain’s exports will carry us through…in a future blog I’ll explain why this makes no sense too!