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Northern Crock

February 21, 2008

Read this and weep.

I’m not really surprised by the greed of the finance industry that led to this debacle…I am annoyed about the money we as tax payers have now put into it.


I’m back for now at least

February 11, 2008

Sorry folks been away for a long time, I can hear the internet community breath a collective sigh of relief upon hearing about my return ;). Anyway what can I say.

Saw No Country for Old Men it was good but not great like the critics are raving about, much preferred Fargo. I think its the end of the film that ruined it for me, I just didn’t like it and it annoyed me. The film just fizzled out after a brilliant start, I firmly believe that you just can’t enda movie like that especially when you have lead the audience long what had been up until that point a great ride.

Anyways not much else to say went on holiday to India…suprising how much its changed,mumbai especially.