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The Mist

June 28, 2009

Just finished watching Darabont’s The Mist. I enjoyed this moving a great deal. Very shocking with just the right amount of thrills and horrors. Unfortunately the ending was, I thought, a bit silly. If only he had waited 5 minutes!!! If it was me in that situation I would have said screw this and walked into the forrest kiling as many of them before they got me…lol. The ending did not sit well with the rest of the movie and seemed to be there for the sake of giving a shock twist. The movie reminded me a lot of Death of Grass and pushing humans to the extreme in a post-apocalyptic world. Anyway it was good and should have been a bigger hit then it was. Though don’t get me started on Stephen King who I think is a bit overrated as a writer. I wonder how much of the movie came from his novella and how much from Darabont…who by the way needs to stop doing Stephen King adaptions….I think 3 movies is enough even though two of them are more then adequate and one being amazing ( Shawshank Redemption )…..


The Case – Oubliette Arthouse

June 24, 2009

Went to see this play called ‘The Case’ today. Its an unusual piece in that the whole play takes place within a confined space and the audience are ‘on stage’ with the actors as they are performing. I thought it was quite refreshing ( especially after the stressful day at work I had ) and I really enjoyed the immediacy of the piece. The acting and set design was amazing – I’m not just saying that because it was constructed by the brother of a close friend of mine ;). However as great as it was the play could do with a firmer structure and the pacing was a bit off, although I don’t know if this lack of structure is a result of the writing or the way we had to move from one room to the next to follow the story, which is in itself a new and slightly weird experience for me.

North by Northwest

June 22, 2009

One of Hitchcock’s masterpieces has just been re-released for a limited run and I urge you all to go and see it. I watched the entire movie with a massive grin on my face. It’s one of those movies which is perfect in every way. Cary Grant, James Mason, Eva Marie Saint and a special mention to Cary Grant’s suit…absolutely immaculate throughout.

Roger Thornhill: No. No, Mother, I have not been drinking. No. No. These two men, they poured a whole bottle of bourbon into me. No, they didn’t give me a chaser.

The Ultimates

June 18, 2009

thebigsmoke has been raving on at me for ages to read Mark Millar’s and Bryan Hitch’s First two Volumes of ‘The Ultimates’ and I finaly got around to doing so. I thought it was very good and exciting to read…I read all two volumes in one siting. However I did think the second volume was the weaker of the two. The first volume starts off with a bang and the reinterpretations of all the characters is done really well. I can see how the recent big screen outings of the Avengers characters has been influenced by this book. For example I’ve never been a huge Thor fan, yet in this he comes out as being one of the stand out characters. The first volume was well plotted and cleverly done…is it just me or did bendis rip off the last couple of issues of the first volume for his ‘Secret Invasion’ mini-series?

However for me the second volume is where things fall apart, and its got nothing to do with the huge number of splash pages, which I actually like. When you have a good artist working on a comic you should NEVER fault the use of splash pages just sit back and admire the artistry…and Hitch is a GREAT artist ( unfortunately there aren’t many truly great or even good artists knocking about ). The problem with the second volume is the plot. It starts off wonderfully with the team questioning who Thor really is…but it looses momentum towards the end and I thought the enemy super team were a bit contrived and not fleshed out properly. Don’t get me wrong, I still loved the volume however it was a bit of a let down compared to the first. Maybe its because I prefer my alien invasions to a story which is more reflective of the then current political climate…also the whole who watches ‘The Watchmen’ take on super-heroes has been done to death now…you have to be responsible for your powers…the US military Industrial Complex is out to rule the world…blah, blah, blah…

Fermats Room

June 10, 2009

Great Movie,although I felt the ending was a bit contrived. The premise was sound and it had me intrigued from the start. I reallty loved the fact that they had to solve maths problems to escape from their predicament, but it wasn’t done in the cack handed way that the TV show ‘Numbers’ works. It was well thought out and believable…it also managed to quash the bad feeling I’ve had for so called ‘intelligent’ thrillers that i’ve had ever since watching the Da Vinci Code and hearing Tom Hanks utter those immortal words…’We’ve got to get to a library!’ Check it out

A song that captures the moment Perfectly

June 9, 2009

You’re in a night club, busting your moves on the dance floor and then suddenly you stop…you realise that there’s something not quite right….and then it hits you…

Brilliant show….

Dave: It shouldn’t matter where you are from where love is concerned…its like that movie ‘Interrracial Hole Stretchers 2’…she was white they were black but it didn’t matter in the end did it …because they were in love…

Germaine: I don’t think I’ve seen that one….

Dave: Well it affected me….

Drag Me to Hell

June 8, 2009

I loved this movie, its one of the few that I have enjoyed this summer! Absolutely amazing ( and thats saying a lot because I’m not a huge horror fan as you may have guessed ). Its full of jumps and shocks and awesome in everyway. Much better then Raimi’s Spiderman 3, the guy is back on form…I’ve never been so terrified of a hankerchief in all my l life and I carry one in my pocket!…also if anyone gives you a button as a gift be very wary indeed….;)

Terminator Salvation

June 8, 2009

I sat watching this waiting for the moment when Christian Bale would suddenly look slightly off camera and shout “STOP PLAYING WITH THOSE FUCKIN’ LIGHTS I’M TRYING TO DO A SCENE!!!”. Sadly it never happened. Maybe it will ome up as an extra in the DVD release…a deleted scene with a commntary saying ‘We tried really hard to keep this scene in the movie due to its intensity….’. Anyway movie was better then the third one, but nowhere near as good as the other two….and where the hell were the phazed plasma rifles 40w range from the first movie?