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Machete Vs Black Dynamite

December 7, 2010

I saw both of these films recently and I’d thought I would give you my thoughts on them. The two movies are similar in that they attempt to parody/pastiche exploitation movies (and specifically blaxsploitation with Dynamite ). Both movies had there flaws but I have to say I preferred Black Dynamite. It seemed a lot more affectionate in its tribute to those movies, and people looked like they were having fun making it. It was also shorter then Machete and I think that was a big plus. The joke never wears out its welcome as it does with that movie. Another plus was the cameos, there was one scene involving Mykelti Williamson ( look him up on imdb ) I didn’t realise it was him until a fair bit into the scene and then he’s gone. A perfect cameo, whereas on Machete all I could think was ‘Robert De’Niro when did it go wrong for you?’ Granted I shouldn’t be comparing those actors but I’m making a point about cameos and not actors themselves…

Winner: Black Dynamite because his Kung Fu skills are top-notch