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The Wire

May 22, 2008

Frank Sobotka: I’ll tell you what the problem is…they don’t make shit in this country anymore…all they do is put their hands in other peoples’ pockets…

My God! What an amazing series. It is most definately the best thing I have seen on TV for a long time (OK granted I’m actually catching up on this series via DVD but you know what I mean 😉 )

Its pure poetry on so many levels,…

  • The fact that they use character actors..f*ck film stars who can’t act
  • The dialog is ‘off the hook’. The writers seem to have an amazing ear for the street as well as those members of the ‘higher part of society’
  • It seems to say more about society, ‘the war on drugs’ and even ‘the war on terror’ then many a documentary and film
  • Its raw, its intelligent and its incredibly dark

I advise you to check it out…


My Top 10 WTF Moments in Comics

May 9, 2008

Here they are in no particular order be warned there are spoilers here!!!

  • Watchmen – Moore/Gibson. – So many moments in this book but for me the ending was a true WTF moment. Throughout the book ( and it is a book, no matter what those idiots say about it being a ‘Graphic Novel’ ) Rorsharch is presented to us as, quite frankly, a paranoid nut job walking around beating people up. We have no sympathy for him and we end up detesting him. Then in a total twist at the end we end up rooting for him and even agreeing with him in his attempts to stop Ozymandias, I remember thinking to myself ‘What The F**K’ after I had finished reading the last page. I still consider this book to be the high point of fiction in the late eighties. Its a genre comic about superheroes, its a comic book about the history of comics, its a political allegory, its all of the above… its none of the above…..genius.