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Imperial Life in the Emerald City

August 25, 2007

Been reading Imperial Life in the Emerald City by Rajiv Chandrasekaran. Its absolutely brilliant, it would read like a comedy if only I didn’t know that all the stuff Chandrasekaran was writing about actually took place! Reading the book made me realise that the whole post-war Iraq reconstruction was doomed to failure from the outset. This wasn’t just due to the fact that there was no ‘plan’ before they embarked on the war but because once they were in in Iraq instead of appointing realists who knew the country and what they were up against they appointed fantasists whose knowledge of Iraq involved reading a 1970s copy of an Iraqi Tourist Guide! More to the point the only qualification that the post Iraq Reconstruction temas had were their unswerving loyalty to the Neo-cons in the White House. The reconstruction teams consisted of (mostly young and inexperienced) men and women who happened to have affiliations with Bush’s Party so they were able to get jobs such as rebuilding the Baghdad Stock Exchange. Incredible!

On a side issue, comparing the managing of Post War Iraq with my own experience working for private sector companies (I know its like comparing Apples with Oranges and totally inappropriate but it hasn’t stopped me before and its not going to stop me now!). I noticed the same managerial mistakes being made over and over again. Some managers I’ve worked for, set a goal and date to achieve it by, but they never specify any plan or set of actions to achieve the aforementioned goal. They expect it to just happen as if by magic. In most cases they don’t even realise that the goal they have set is patently absurd due to the fact that they have no real knowledge of what is happening on their own ‘shopfloor’.



August 18, 2007

So went to see Prince the other day….what can I say? It was absolutely amazing!! The purple one played for hours! He really knows how to work the crowd. His recent musical output may be weak but he still knows how to make a crowd go wild and his musicianship was out of this world! And all those people who said he lost it when he changed his name to a symbol…well I tell you it was all part of his master plan!! Just take a look at his stage!!

Prince O2 2007 Ok So I wasn’t exactly sitting close 🙂