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What I Haz Been Up 2

November 4, 2012

OK it’s been a while since I’ve blogged and I’d like to apologise to all 2 of my regular readers. So here is a breakdown of what’s been happening.

1) Nexus 7 – I bought one of these babies and I love it! Its not perfect but as a result I’m reading a lot more now then ever, and I read a lot before. Its cheep yet delivers.

2) Saw loads of movies. killing them Softly was depressing but great. Looper didn’t really deliver for me. It was just too much for me to get over the bad physics of the time travel nonsense. Wreck it Ralph was fun and I don’t really have a bad thing to say about it.

3) DVD section. Hired Hand directed by Peter Fonda is beautiful. On my list of great westerns. Tucker and dale vs evil was brilliant and I’m surprised it wasn’t a bigger hit. Seen loads more, I think I might do a blog about Monte Hellman and Robert Aldrich.

4) Food. If you get a chance go to the Hawksmoor. Amazing steak place and the cocktails are pretty good too! I still have dreams about that starter. The Lobster Mac and Cheese is great but be warned it is very rich!

5) Bug – I when to see Adam Buxton’s show which was a special fat boy slim edition. Really funny and just reinforces my opinion that the Web is brilliant yet also nuts!


Hurrah for Japanese Ingenuity

April 4, 2011

So this is what I have been geeking up to over the last couple of days. Building my Space Battleship Yamoto. Lovingly bought back all the way from Japan. ( I went late last year before the catastrophe that befell that great nation ). Those Japanese really do know how to mass produce models for building!

As you can see a very productive day. Now all I have to do is paint the damn thing….

What the warlord!

January 24, 2011

I saw this and I howled into the night. I love the John Carter of Mars stories, even though they may not have aged so well and probably will not appeal to a modern audience. However just the covers alone make me yell out in pain. It seems to be going for the lowest common denominator. I.e. teenage fanboys. Now I don’t have a problem with drawing women all out of proportion, because its not just limited to women, men are also similarly depicted with outlandish biceps, chests etc ( see Rob Liefeld et al. ) . However this for some reason has annoyed me so much, its just too much…though I do quite like the cover by Sean Chen, its pretty realistic though she’s a bit too skinny…she needs to eat some food!

Blue Beetle Test Footage

July 22, 2010

Around the 50 second mark…Still no Ted Kord…

The Ultimates

June 18, 2009

thebigsmoke has been raving on at me for ages to read Mark Millar’s and Bryan Hitch’s First two Volumes of ‘The Ultimates’ and I finaly got around to doing so. I thought it was very good and exciting to read…I read all two volumes in one siting. However I did think the second volume was the weaker of the two. The first volume starts off with a bang and the reinterpretations of all the characters is done really well. I can see how the recent big screen outings of the Avengers characters has been influenced by this book. For example I’ve never been a huge Thor fan, yet in this he comes out as being one of the stand out characters. The first volume was well plotted and cleverly done…is it just me or did bendis rip off the last couple of issues of the first volume for his ‘Secret Invasion’ mini-series?

However for me the second volume is where things fall apart, and its got nothing to do with the huge number of splash pages, which I actually like. When you have a good artist working on a comic you should NEVER fault the use of splash pages just sit back and admire the artistry…and Hitch is a GREAT artist ( unfortunately there aren’t many truly great or even good artists knocking about ). The problem with the second volume is the plot. It starts off wonderfully with the team questioning who Thor really is…but it looses momentum towards the end and I thought the enemy super team were a bit contrived and not fleshed out properly. Don’t get me wrong, I still loved the volume however it was a bit of a let down compared to the first. Maybe its because I prefer my alien invasions to a story which is more reflective of the then current political climate…also the whole who watches ‘The Watchmen’ take on super-heroes has been done to death now…you have to be responsible for your powers…the US military Industrial Complex is out to rule the world…blah, blah, blah…

Comics Round up

February 7, 2009

Final Crisis – What a pile of wank, Morrison has clearly lost the plot. Someone at DC should have put stricter reigns on the guy, there were some great ideas but it was all over the place. How could DC have decide to make this their event book of the year I have no idea.

On the flip side Geoff Johns is doing stellar work on Green Lantern I can not wait for the ‘War of Light’. I’m tempted even to fork out my hard earned cash on these. Also Tomasi’s work on the Green Lantern Corps sometimes gets over shadowed by Geoff Johns but it is just as good.

I feel sorry for Dwayne McDuffie he hasn’t managed to get his stride on the JLA books, just when you think its picking up it gets interrupted by some lame arse DCU ‘event and in some cases being replaced by another write to do the writing chores for it. Case in point; ‘When Worlds Collide’, which is pretty good not brilliant but a fun read and nicely introducing his old Milestone line of heroes into DCU, but then half way through a ‘faces of evil’ issue written by Len Wein.

Where would I be without Paul Dini on Detective Comics, he is without doubt the best Batman writer currently attached and his work trumps Grant Morrison’s entire run on the Batman books. I know people will argue against me but he is really good on it. He is first and foremost a story teller and he tells them well, and succinctly. Not like Morrison’s ‘WTF was that about’ Batman R.I.P – an event that was so anti-climatic. Dini also writes each issue in a self-contained story with a few exceptions and you get that he understands comics and not writing with a Graphic Novel in mind, like most other writers seem to be doing these days.

I can some up the current problems at DC in six words, ‘The Editors have lossed the plot’. They should have reigned in Grant Morrison on Final Crisis, They should be giving McDuffie some space to tell his stories without interruption. At the moment there seems to be three separate Universes in the DCU, the stuff the Geoff Johns is writing, Morrison’s stuff and then the rest ( and I’m not talking about the multiverse ) . This is just madness, and don’t get me strted on late books, artists being dropped half way through a run…its just crazy. WTF is going on at the DCU at the moment. Some of it doesn’t even make sense, they have a ‘faces of evil’ thing going on at the moment but they decide to cut into the ‘New Krypton’ story with it so you have Lex Luther on the front cover but the whole issue just carries on with the ‘New Krypton’ story…what?

Anyway I may bitch and moan but I’ll still be queuing up next week for my hit of comics.

Obama Read Comics When He Was A Child!

October 26, 2008

OK, I know that this probably isn’t such a big deal and I’m sure that there are plenty of politicians ( presidents, vice-president…etc, etc ) both past and present who have read comics when they were children…but this Observer article makes me relate to him just a little bit, as opposed to never as far as most other politicians are concerned:

Grandpa bought me all the DC Comic books, and I was the only one who had them, so Barry [i.e. Barack Obama] and Yanto would borrow the books and copy pictures of Batman and Spider-Man out and ask me to judge which was better. Barry was always better than Yanto. Even Yanto always agreed with that. Barry had a great eye.

Swamp Thing: How Alan Moore Changed Mainstream Comics Forever

September 14, 2008

I Just bought a whole load of Swamp Thing comics on ebay, so I thought I would discuss them. I have a few issues of Swamp thing before Alan Moore took over with his run and the difference is staggering. Before Moore took over it was just your standard horror comic with not much to recommend in it. It reminded me of a cheap b-movie rip off of the Frankenstein story…and I don’t mean that in a good way! Then bam! Moore’s ideas and style were just so different from what was happening with that comic in the previous issues. He completely turned the character’s motivations and origins on its head, while still somehow maintaining the foundations and history of the character. Moore managed to trawl through previous often little know comics characters and re-introduce them back into the mainstream D.C universe in often ingenious ways. His writting still holds up given that this run started over 20 years ago! 20 Years! I still can’t believe D.C. had the balls to give him free rein on Swamp Thing! The comic completely abandoned the comics code authority…when was the last time you saw a comic cover stamped with approval from those crazy guys? The impact can be still be seen today not only in the Vertigo line but also in modern mainstream superhero genre comics. Even though the writing is very ‘literary’ he still managed to maintain the comic’s superhero genre roots. Something which can’t be said for Sandman, which I really liked as a kid but now, when I recently reread it, found it to be the bigest pile of Wank ever ( Maybe I should do a course on criticism .. I’m sure ‘Wank’ is not a valid literary movement ) …but I digress. Moore wrote comics for adults ( for good or bad ), he threw out all the rules for what could and could not be done with that medium, while maintaining ( and re-enforcing ) its original goals.

It is absolutly staggering as to the effect Alan Moore has had on mainstream comics.

Batman R.I.P.

September 13, 2008

I’ve already spoken at length about Grant Morrison’s Final Crisis and I thought I would now turn to his other major work currently being published by D.C. Batman R.I.P. is a strange beast. Upon my initial read, it left me feeling a bit cold and thinking ‘meh’ so what, but then I re-read all the issues so far and I have to say it holds up a lot better then I first thought. The fact that the arc is told on a monthly basis does not do the story any credit, it is a lot harder to follow on a month by month basis – and therein lies the problem – this story will be great as a trade. I hate the fact that a lot of comic writers seem to be writing stories with the fact that it might sell well as a trade sitting in the back of their head. That’s one of the reasons why I like Jonah Hex, each story is short and sweet and succinctly told in 20 odd pages. In fact I would go so far as to say that it is one of the best comics currently being published..but anyway I digress. Batman R.I.P. has other problems, I get the sense that I have read this story before ( remind you of Knightfall anyone? ) but I am curious to see where its going so I will stick around. I have to admit that I love the ‘Batman of Zurr-en-rah’ concept. One thing that I have to say, it is a lot more interesting then Final Crisis!.

Final Crisis Vs Secret Invasion Pt 2 SPOILERS!!!

September 7, 2008

Just finished reading Secret Invasion #4 and Final Crisis #3. I really liked the lead up in Secret Invasion…I loved the idea of all these old versionsof Marvel Heroes suddenly crashing into the Savage Land and the modern day heroes not knowing who is real and who is actually a Skrull….but now Mr Fantastic arives and shows everyone that all of the heroes who crash landed were Skrulls…what?…What?…WHAT! So the last couple of issues were a pointless waste of time….*sigh* I was hoping that some of the heroes who crash landed were real…it would make for some great storries of them trying to adjust in a changed world…oh well….

Final Crisis on the other hand has kind of gotten better…the plot still requires a Ph. D in fanboy to decipher but its moving somewhere…I may not like where its going but its not bad. Also big shout out to Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds…its V. good.