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DJ Z-Trip@matter

September 27, 2009

Z-trip was off the hook! I can understand now why he was voted America’s Top DJ because quite simply he was stunning. Every track was delivered with a slickness that other DJs spend their whole lives trying to chase down and master. He knew his crowd and he knew what tracks to drop to get them going. I’m so glad to have caught this master at work.

Oh and on a side note matter’s sound system…it literally made the hairs on my body stand on end…no I’m not joking it did…the base on that sound system was just fom another world…You have to go to that club if only to hear that sound system and be amazed.


Inglorious Basterds

September 1, 2009

I have mixed feelings about Tarantino. He is a very good director but watching Inglorious I started to think that there was something mssing. Don’t get me wrong Inglorious is good, with some amazing performances ( though not from Brad Pitt who is dreadful in this ) and some magnificant scenes andsetpieces but the movie just doesn’t hang together. The problem for me is two fold. His films are about movies themselves and I’m starting to tire of this, I want to watch a film with a plot that doesn’t involve references to other movies. The second is that Tarantino needs to work on telling a story, I get the impression that he just doesn’t care about telling a good old fasioned story he seems to be stringing scenes along which look great but don’t really move the narative forward. Maybe he needs to direct from a script written by someone else or is it sacrilegious to suggest such a thing?