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I wonder lonely as a cloud.

June 19, 2013

You may or may not be aware that I’m a developer by trade. I recently moved to a team charged with building tools enabling our many developers to deploy to the cloud. In forth coming blogs I’m going to talk about the cloud from a purely technical perspective with maybe some cost analysis. I’m not going to go into the politics of it all this include whether it makes sense to have all your data on a US owned Server and the implications of this. I’ll leave that to the experts.  I’ll talk about some of the technical difficulties we’ve faced and some of the tools we are using, including Netflix’s wonderful Simian Army.

Stay tuned……


Man of Steal

June 18, 2013

I’m using a pun that my friend over at the big smoke made about the price of the cinema ticket to watch the new Superman movie as the title of this post because I feel it’s apt for this movie and not just the economic climate of cinema going which deserves its own post and more.

Anyway a ‘steal’ is how I’d this movie is, parts of it were really well done and other bits were just woeful. The opening Krypton sequences were by far the best bit of this whole movie. Nicely designed, well acted, yes that’s you Russell Crowe even when I could tell you were just collecting a pay check.

However for me there was just too much wrong with this film. The relationship between Lois and Clark lacked any real chemistry, there were a bit too many overt religious symbolisms for my liking. Don’t get me wrong I love symbolism just not the crass in your face kind from Snyder. Finally the end fight scene felt like an out take from a Transformers movie. Granted it was probably one rejected by Michael Bay because the action was too clear and easy to understand but still. The film for me lacked any sense of wonder, it was just too derivative of every other Blockbuster film in recent memory.

I’m going to rant a bit about the state of the Hollywood film industry now. Basically it’s in a mess. Spielberg and Lucus recently ranted about how the Blockbuster was killing the industry. They are right, but coming out of the mouths of the two guys most responsible for creating the current state just feels wrong in so many ways. Superman is a classic case in point. If rumours are true it made back it’s money even before it had been released! This was due to kickbacks from product placement. Even After Earth which has been universally panned has made a profit. Remember Green Lantern? I try not to but yes even that made money. Hollywood spends so much money on these movies that they have to make money even if they have to twist the arms of the general public by using all the marketing powers at hand and spend even more money in the process. *sigh* I’m done.

Addendum: This blog does a better job of explaining why Man of Steel left me cold.