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What I’ve been doing

October 28, 2007

Ok been a while since I blogged. Not that anyone out there has noticed :(.

Anyway heres a breakdown

Watched Night of the Hunter for the upteenth time. Amazing movie, one of my favourites of all time. Review to follow

Playing Super Paper Mario & Zelda Phantom Hourglass. Two awesome games

ReadingNo books currently just comics 😦 Check out Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters, Booster Gold, Justice Society of America….and I am also liking Dwayne Mcduffie’s current run on Justice League, though I hear some critics complaining…and I don’t understand why. Its got action and suspense, if I was a kid I’d love it. I think thats the problem, comics’ maturing readership and the fact that less and less young people read comics…which is a real shame since thats who they were aways primarily aimed for… 😦