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Madam Mirage

March 28, 2007

What the ..?

Proabably worth geting if you like tits 😉


RIP Marshall Rogers

March 27, 2007

Man I really liked his art.

Strange ApparitionsMadam Xanadu


March 26, 2007

So I saw 300 over the weekend, it was alright. What I expected really full of mindless sex and violence. Still seemed a bit jingoistic to me. Holding back the asian hordes and all that crap ….and what was with those rubber swimming trunks all the spartans were wearing? …. Plus the director is in my opinion a hack stealling from Gladiator, Braveheart et al.

Harry Hill`s TV Burp

March 24, 2007

Best gag i’ve heard this week courtesy of Harry Hill

I entered a chat room pretending to be a horse. I spent 20 minutes talking to this bloke before I realised he was grooming me

‘The Black Angel’ by Cornell Woolrich

March 24, 2007

She’d done her work well all right. She’d gutted him. I couldn’t help crying out to myself as I beheld what was left of him: “Out of all the thousands and thousands of fine constructive women in this world, what evil star made him pick her out? What got him about her? Couldn’t he see, couldn’t he tell —–?”
And the answer of course was self-evident. What gets any of us about any of them; what gets any of them about any of us? The image in our minds. Not the reality that others see; the image in the mind. Therefore, how could he see, how cold he tell, how could he free himself, when the image in his mind all along, and even now, was that of a lovely creature, all sunshine, roses, and honey, a beatific haloed being, a jewel of womankind? Who would even strive to free himself from such a one? Watch out for the image in your mind.

What can I say….beautiful….

Batman #663

March 24, 2007

Hmmmmm. Just finished reading this, have real mixed feelings about it. On the one hand I appreciate what the issue is trying to do but …..

  1. I bought a comic and I expect it to be a comic, this means lots of pictures, drawn or otherwise. Not whole pages of just words, that is not what I paid for! I read books and I read comics and never the twain shall meet!
  2. The issue feels like a cop out, Kubert et al couldn’t finish the planned issue in time so they had to do this ‘filler’
  3. The jury is out on Grant Morrison’s abilty to write a ‘book’ case in point:

    The radio mike inside Batman’s cowl crackles to life. Alfred’s voice, as clipped and regimental as a retired Sergeant Major’s lawn, brings the expected news.

    It could be just me but I thought this was awful.

  4. The computer generated artwork is dreadful! The worst I’ve seen making me think this was cobbled together in a real hurry.

Oh well enough ranting. I just think if Grant Morrison wants to write a book he should write a book and not present it to us under the guise of a comic.

Uploaded an Avatar

March 23, 2007

All it takes is two glasses of bubbly

The Gossip

March 20, 2007

Been listening to their latest album, I really like it! Ditto hs an amazng voice.

Check out their video Standing in the Way of Control

Bad Managers are the Scourge of UK Companies

March 19, 2007

What is it about the UK and its inability to manage people? UK plc is in trouble and its because those in control have none of the skill and imagination to run companies that grow to a large size. I think the root cause is the finance sector, at the end of the day its all about how much share value the company will achieve and not long term stability which will probably have more of an effect.

Ahh maybe I’m just having a bad day 😉

Zelda Twilight Princess

March 16, 2007

This game is awesome, so big and so wonderful, granted graphics are bit too Gamecube for the wii but loving it all the same. Using the wii-mote for sword strokes is pure genius.