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Prometheus Rewinded

June 9, 2012

Warning this blog contains massive spoilers. I found I couldn’t give my thoughts on Ridley Scott’s new film Prometheus without giving away some major plot points so please avoid if you plan to watch it.

Overall I enjoyed this film, the special effects and set design were amazing and there were enough smart ideas in the first half of it that made me think I was in for a treat. However it all fell apart for me and this was mostly down to the disintegration of the plot and a complete lack of well thought out characterisation. The film suffered from multiple personality syndrome. It starts of on an intriguing premise in man’s search for his beginnings then veers off toward sci-fi horror and finally ending in some weird sci-fi action flick with a bit of Alien shoehorned in at the end. Characters would make decisions that bordered on the surreal. Like the geologist who signs up for the mission then gets scared the moment he encounters anything weird, then gets lost, then dies horribly. What? Ditto the xenobiologist. I’ll just try and stroke the freaky looking worm thing because hey its not like we are on earth where there are animals that can actually kill you. They find a room containing weird alien shit and they just start touching it. They find that the air is breathable so they take their masks off? Umm shouldn’t the zenobiologist have done his job and mentioned bacteria? I will confess the self caesarian scene was brilliantly done and a highlight of the movie but it made no sense I mean, there was no one else on the ship to take her side? The scientist boyfriend gets drunk because he didn’t find the beings that created man, forgetting that he’s probably made THE scientific discovery. Would a scientist really do that?

The acting was not bad with Fassbender being a highlight, but lets be clear he’s no Ian Holm and I missed Harry Dean Stanton and John Hurt, towards the end he actually started to annoy me and underneath all those quirks you never get a sense of who he is.Theron and Rapace were actually pretty good. The remaining actors where just ciphers you never really got much of a feel for them so when the self sacrifice ending came you were just left saying “meh!”

Anyway it was a good movie even with my rant above, just not clearly thought out. People are saying its down to Lindeoff the script writer as he doesn’t understand movies since he came from the TV show Lost but still that’s no excuse other people should have realised.