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The Dark Knight

July 28, 2008

Overall I enjoyed this movie I think it was the best Batman movie I’ve seen, however I did feel it was over-hyped ( as is the way with all Hollywood blockbuster movies these days *sigh* ).

Anyway, the good included; Heath Ledger performance – actually make that all the performance I mean even Eric Roberts was good in this!. Better directed action sequences then the first one…and better set pieces. Some scenes were truly awesome; the ‘pencil scene’, the ‘batman in Hong Kong scenes’, all the ‘bat pod scenes’ …in fact, all the action set pieces were well handled and it was good to see explosions that were NOT the result of CGI!

The bad: the plot rambled, it was slightly confusing in places as a result of the pacing of the movie, I’m still not too sure about the 2 ships thing at the end…basically there is a good 90 minute Joker movie in there…unfortunately what we got was two and a half hours of other stuff that didn’t make the movie ‘gel’.

Maybe I’ll think differently once I’ve seen it a few more times



July 5, 2008

The film is shit avoid like the plague.

*sigh* I suppose I better expand on this review given my good friend’s review. I won’t bore you with a crappy pseudo intellectual rant about why its wrong…oh ok I will but its in point form for easy digestion:

  • Bullets that bend
  • Bullets that go 360 degrees around a circle
  • An action sequence involving a car that would have crippled us mere mortals
  • James McAvoy’s American Accent
  • The plot: “We decide who to kill by decyphering a loom…oh no wait actually for the last however many years I, as leader of this fraternity, decide who we kill, but you all must go on thinking that its the loom that decides because you might disagree if you found out the truth”
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Its handling of female characters…all the women in this movie have betrayed James McAvoy’s character in one way or another…incredibly adolecent and bordering on the misogynistic, if not already….( Jolie’s character doesn’t count because she’s in the fraternity and so a de facto ‘man’…why she the only women in the fraternity? )
  • I can’t remeber any of the character’s names and can’tbe arsed to look them on on IMDB, thus resorting to using the actor’s names ( see above point ). Either I’ve got attention deficit syndrome or the film has…I think its the film..
  • OK so a film about a guy who has a boring life as an ‘office drone’ joins a secret society that kills people using a loom that has a secret code and in doing so becomes in love with life….maybe i’m being silly here but there is an inherent flaw in James McAvoy’s character that doesn’t allow him to question his life and the society around him..maybe if he did he would realise that the office drone is something of his own creation and that killing people because a loom says so is obsurd!
  • The film’s dislike of its audience..there is a bit in the movie where McAvoy says i used to be boring like you…reminds me of a bit in another dreadful movie, Jumper where Hayden Christiansen says something similar…WTF? Do I need these 2 snot nosed muther-fuckering actors telling me how boring my life is….no I came to the cinema to escape the drudgery not reminded of it ;), and if you think they were referring to the guy sitting next to you in the cinema, you poor deluded fool. it wasn’t even said with tongue in cheek!