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Dark Knight Rises

October 27, 2013

I recently got the excellent Ultimate Dark Knight Trilogy Box set. It’s well worth the money, all the discs are presented in a really beautiful book, and I love the miniature versions of all the bat vehicles. However I’m not here to talk about the box set itself, I’d like instead to discuss the final movie from the trilogy which divided people.  Let me say up front that I loved it, I’d even go so far as to say,  controversially, that I preferred it to the second one which everyone seems to love and which I personally found to leave me cold. On a minor point the first one for me remains closest to my heart as it changed the game when it comes to superhero movies and managed to wipe away the taste of Schumacher’s debacles so completely.

So why do I think people are wrong to label The Dark Knight Rises as the weakest of the three? One of the major complaints was that it was too unrealistic, “one punch back surgery”, Gotham city under siege for 5 months, etc, etc. For me this is all just pure comic book and I really love it. Lets just take a step back and remember that the central premise of these films is of a guy so angry at his parents death that he decides to dress up as a bat to fight criminals….a bat? Let me say that again A BAT!!!

A lot of people(fanboys) hated that at the start of the movie there was no Batman and Bruce was a broken man. For me that was fine it made sense as Gotham was at peace with the criminals and itself ( however false that peace ) and thus there was no need for the Batman. Thematically I liked the way the movie ended it felt complete and I almost shed a tear at the inception-esque dreamlike quality to the end scene of Alfred sitting in that cafe and seeing Bruce and Selina.  Talking about Selina, the first time I saw Rises I was not too sure about Anne Hathaway’s performance but on a second viewing I actually thought she was brilliant, her acting is really strong here and her character arc is well done, I like the way she finds her soul beneath that hard exterior. Again a lot of fanboys were annoyed that she shoots Bane, I put it bluntly they are being sexist. It made perfect sense and she had one of the best lines following it. All the acting is brilliant and well cast.

I’m not saying that the film is a masterpiece, none of the trilogy are, they are however very well made from a sophisticated director and the films are about as intelligent as a superhero movie can get.  Even though I loved the Avengers movie just watching this Trilogy you realise that Nolan is a far better director then Joss Whedon.

And finally Bane’s voice does not get on my nerves and I can understand everything that he says.