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My Favourite Noir Movies

December 25, 2008

I have been buying Film Noir DVDs like they have been going out of fashion. Noir is probably my favourite movie genre, it could teach current Hollywood a thing or two about making good movies with limited resources Anyway here are a few that you must watch;

  • Out of the Past – Jacques Tourneur is an amazing director I was almost tempted to put in Cat People instead but that’s nt quite ‘Noir’…maybe it is? Anyway Jane Greer is stunning and Robert Mitchum does his best work…playing Robert Mitchum..;)
  • Gun Crazy – The bank job, shot entirely from inside the getaway car, in one long take had me gob smacked. Peggy Cummins wearing a cowboy outfit and shooting ballons with her two pistols created the same effect in me as it did in John Dall.
  • The Narrow Margin – Why don’t they make more movies shot on trains anymore?…This film is another prime example of how to shoot a thrller; lean, hard and fast.
  • On Dangerous Ground – You can’t have a noir list without including at least one film with Robert Ryan in it. This is my favourite, though disowned by director Nicholas Ray for its ‘Happy’ ending forced on him by the studios..didn’t seem that happy to me.
  • Night of the Hunter – One of the best movies ever made…end of story
  • Double Indemnity – I never was a big Fred MacMurray fan until I saw this. Bababra Stanwyck is of course brilliant
  • Kiss Me Deadly – Brilliant in so many ways, I also like how Aldrich and co managed to turn what I think of as the worst kind of pulp literature ( I can not stand Spillane ) into a masterpiece.
  • The Killers – Ava Gardner, need I say more?
  • The Lady From Shanghai/Gilda – Rita Hayworth, need I say more? Couldn’t decide whether I preferred her as a blonde or a brunette
  • The Maltese Falcon – You can’t have a noir list without at least one Humphrey Bogart movie in there.
  • Force Of Evil – A gem of a movie just go watch it!
  • D.O.A – “I’ve only 24 hours to find out who’s killed me”, never has a more absurd plot device been so compelling…Ed O’ Brien is fantastic as always.
  • The Hitch-hiker – written and directed by Ida Lupino, if C. Thomas Howell had seen this movie he would never have picked up Rutger Hauer.
  • Murder, My Sweet – The best adaption of a Raymond Chandler Book. I also think Dick Powell did the best Marowe of all actors who have had a go.
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    This is how I envisage my X-mas…

    December 16, 2008

    …if only *sigh*

    Charlie Brooker Screen Wipe

    December 9, 2008

    The ‘Great British Wee’…what can I say? I couldn’t stop laughing throughout the whole episode…especially when Connie Huq popped up..and they all pee in front of her on a hill…too funny.


    December 7, 2008

    Just got around to watching this at last, been putting it off for a while. I suppose it’s probably down to the fact that its subject matter would get me angry about the injustices in the world…you’d be suprised how often a film can do that to me. Anyway all I can say is that I think its brilliant. I can’t believe it lost out to Ratatouille at the Oscars ( a good but not great movie ) …oh no wait, I can, the Oscars have long been a joke in my eyes. Anyway go see it if only for an education in Iranian history of the past 80 odd years or so.