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Hard Case Crime Christa Faust

January 31, 2012

I’ve been reading a hell of a lot of Hard Case Crime books recently, I haven’t yet read a dull one yet however some are better then others. Christ Faust’s two entries into the series – ‘Money Shot’ and ‘Choke Gold’ have been really interesting. They are both good books however I thought ‘Money Shot’ was slightly better. I think part of the reason is that the milieu of the Los Angeles Porn scene was an interesting setting and the other being the book just moves like a runaway freight Train and I just love books like that – that’s why I think Richard Stark is a god. The problem comes with the second book, the plotting is just not there. Without giving too much away it seems to retread old ground and not do anything new with it. I’ll make the comparison again to Richard Stark, his books always put Parker in a new situation and challenged him to escape. The character stayed the same but the situations always enhanced and played with what we knew already about Parker’s morality. The problem with Faust’s second book was that you never really got that sense from Angel Dare – the main protagonist in her books. The other issue I had was that it left things too open, it didn’t really end well at all. I wanted some kind of closure and I got none. I think she wants to make another in the series but even so I would have liked it if it was a bit more self contained. Stark in his novel Butcher’s Moon referenced all kinds of things that had happened in his previous books but you never felt like you were missing anything by not having read them – though I advise you to do so before attempting Butcher’s . I didn’t get that sense from Faust, you had to have read ‘Money Shot’ for ‘Choke Hold’ to have made any sense and that bothered me from the start.