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Comics Round up

February 7, 2009

Final Crisis – What a pile of wank, Morrison has clearly lost the plot. Someone at DC should have put stricter reigns on the guy, there were some great ideas but it was all over the place. How could DC have decide to make this their event book of the year I have no idea.

On the flip side Geoff Johns is doing stellar work on Green Lantern I can not wait for the ‘War of Light’. I’m tempted even to fork out my hard earned cash on these. Also Tomasi’s work on the Green Lantern Corps sometimes gets over shadowed by Geoff Johns but it is just as good.

I feel sorry for Dwayne McDuffie he hasn’t managed to get his stride on the JLA books, just when you think its picking up it gets interrupted by some lame arse DCU ‘event and in some cases being replaced by another write to do the writing chores for it. Case in point; ‘When Worlds Collide’, which is pretty good not brilliant but a fun read and nicely introducing his old Milestone line of heroes into DCU, but then half way through a ‘faces of evil’ issue written by Len Wein.

Where would I be without Paul Dini on Detective Comics, he is without doubt the best Batman writer currently attached and his work trumps Grant Morrison’s entire run on the Batman books. I know people will argue against me but he is really good on it. He is first and foremost a story teller and he tells them well, and succinctly. Not like Morrison’s ‘WTF was that about’ Batman R.I.P – an event that was so anti-climatic. Dini also writes each issue in a self-contained story with a few exceptions and you get that he understands comics and not writing with a Graphic Novel in mind, like most other writers seem to be doing these days.

I can some up the current problems at DC in six words, ‘The Editors have lossed the plot’. They should have reigned in Grant Morrison on Final Crisis, They should be giving McDuffie some space to tell his stories without interruption. At the moment there seems to be three separate Universes in the DCU, the stuff the Geoff Johns is writing, Morrison’s stuff and then the rest ( and I’m not talking about the multiverse ) . This is just madness, and don’t get me strted on late books, artists being dropped half way through a run…its just crazy. WTF is going on at the DCU at the moment. Some of it doesn’t even make sense, they have a ‘faces of evil’ thing going on at the moment but they decide to cut into the ‘New Krypton’ story with it so you have Lex Luther on the front cover but the whole issue just carries on with the ‘New Krypton’ story…what?

Anyway I may bitch and moan but I’ll still be queuing up next week for my hit of comics.