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10 Reasons why Walter Hill is a Genius

April 22, 2012

In no particular order of importance:

  • Streets of Fire/Crossroads – Hill is known for being a rough and ready action man director, yet he made two of the best musicals from the eighties. OK strictly speaking these aren’t musicals but music does play a huge role in these two films.You can tell Hill understands musical genres and knows how to work with them from the MTV style rock opera of Streets to the old school blues of the south.
  • The Driver – Take a thriller an make it as pure and distilled as you can get it. I’ve spoken loads about this movie. I’m not going to say anymore.
  • Southern Comfort/Extreme Prejudice – Powers Boothe double bill. One an allegory about Vietnam the other a respectful nod to his mentor Peckinpah.
  • The Long Riders/Geronimo
  • Brewster’s Millions/48hrs/Red Heat – He can do commercial and be successful. Lets ignore the sequel to 48 hrs. If it wasn’t for Hill, Eddie Murphy would have no career. Think about it. There would be no Norbit or Nutty Professor! Oh Fuck!
  • Hard Times/Undisputed – Bronson and Coburn in a depression error movie about bare knuckle boxing. Then he does it again with Snipes and Rhames. OK there are better boxing movies out there but he can ‘do’ sport.
  • Johnny Handsome – A movie staring Mickey Rourke as a fucked up nobody seeking redemption for past deeds. Fuck the Wrestler.
  • Deadwood/Wild Bill – Without Wild Bill there would be no Deadwood. One of Hill’s most underrated movies, and it has the dude in it!
  • Alien – OK, so he may not have had much creative input on all the movies related to this franchise but he’s had a production credit on all of them and a story credit on Aliens and Alien 3. He’s also listed as a producer on the upcoming Prometheus
  • The Warriors – Come out to plaaaay. A movie that is in my top ten of all times. I can watch this again and again. Modern directors will always imitate but they will never surpass its brilliance.