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Apu Nahasapeemapetilon

April 29, 2007

Been catching up on episodes of Simpsons recently. Now I am a huge fan of the Simpsons but one thing that has always concerned me is the Apu character. I used to watch The Simpsons with my family and we all found it really funny, but there were some initial discomforts when it came to the Apu character (especially the early episodes when he was just a backround player). The question of whether this portrayal of an Indian storekeeper was racist kept poping up in my head. I don’t think this is true especially as the T.V series progressed, the character has matured into something that mocks peoples perceptions of him (as and Indian) and although it is still stereotypical, it is no more so then the portrayal of dozens of other characters on the show (Krusty’s rabbi dad?).

However this leads me on to the question of asian charaters on TV in general. UK TV is very bad at portraying Indian or ethnic characters. The main reason for this, is because writers are lazy and prefer the character’s ethnicity to be the main plot thread of the character and one this runs out (as it always does) you are left with a pretty vacuous character (Just watch any episode of Eastenders with their ‘Asian Family’). Compare this to US TV shows, now I am not saying that they ‘understand’ ethnic minorities and that all their portrayals are note perfect, but take for example ‘Mohinder Suresh’ of Heroes fame. Now he is clearly from India and the actor plays his role with a slight indian accent (shame on you), however his ethnicity is not a major plot element (so far), in fact it has nothing to do with moving the show forwards plot wise and it is to all intents superfluous. Not only that but generally all the ethnic minorities on the show are their to push the plot forward and not their make some point on race relations. Now I think this is brilliant because it in a way does make a point about race relations (i.e. they have the same fucked up problems as everyone else on ‘planet Heroes’) ..I think it has a lot to do with the writing, US TV show writers are currently just on a different level compared to UK writers.


League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen

April 27, 2007

Best comic I’ve read this year …and its several years old!!! What the f***.

I like the fact that it has sparked an interest in me to read all the classics.

Shakira Vs Beyonce

April 22, 2007

Man this is awful…which one is Shakira and which is Beyonce? Towards the end of the video they seem to be having a competition as to which one is the better booty shaker. Strike one for the feminist movement ;). I bet the whole thing is one big conspiracy aiming to hypnotise men with their booty shaking and the use of a high frequency voice being played over the track, that only men can hear, saying “You must respect women…You must respect women”…what else would be the point of this video?

Madlib mowtown Mix

April 20, 2007

Very nice mix from Madlib via Stones Throw, am feeling the summer vibes with this:

Stones Throw Madlib Mowtown Mix

Ruddy Hell its Harry and Paul Vs Peep Show

April 15, 2007

Ok I know I’m probably comparing apples with oranges but what the hell!

I’m sorry to have to say this but the new Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse show just doesn’t work for me. I found the sketches iritating and un-funny. The Nelson Mandela sketch where he sells alcopops…why is this funny? Because its Harry doing an impression of Nelson Mandela…or because its Nelson Mandela selling alcopops? Either way it didn’t work for me. The old american tourist couple sketch..again why is this funny? Because they are Americans? The worst sketch was the Computer billionaires; ‘Billl Gates’ and ‘Steve Jobs’ (played by Enfield and Whitehouse), they played them as geeks who were getting turned on by RAM, Disk space and new Windows Vista functionality while being totally obliviousto the fact that their respective wives were having affairs with ‘big beefy’ men. Now I am no fan of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and enjoy anything that mocks them but if I was going to do a sketch about them I’d do some freekin’ research!! Those guys got where they are not because they are geeks (well not solely because they are at any rate!), but because they are hard-arsed businessmen/’Entrepreneurs’. The sketch was so unfunny and it made it glaringly obvious how dated the pair had become and its a shame because I’m a huge fan of their work (although I always thought Paul Whitehouse was the smartest of the two…I really enjoyed that series he did with Chris Langham called ‘Help’).

Now Peep Show is a funny show, its smart, not too obvious and seems incredibly fresh, even though we are into the fourth series. Comparing the two shows (which I know doesn’t make too much sense since ones a sketch show and the others a sitcom), the writers of ‘Peep Show’ seem to have captured my generation’s foibles in all their glory (‘Oh my god, I’ve become a firestarter…a twisted firestarter’) while Harry and Paul seem to be stuck with staid white, male, middle-class, middle-aged anxieties (coffee shop sketch where Eastern European women talk to each other in their own language and appear to be deriding Harry’s character…xenophobic anyone?).

Resident Evil 4 (Wii Edition)

April 14, 2007

Man this is soooo cheesy….especially the end…made me laugh…still probably by the game… :S


The Vitons are all around us

April 13, 2007

Check out Sinister Barrier by Eric Frank Russell

Just don’t try to injest the combination of Iodine,mescal and methylene blue to see the Vitons!

RIP Kurt Vonnegut

April 12, 2007

Say godbye to the creator of Ice-Nine, Kilgore Trout et al….

Its coming…..

April 11, 2007

The greatest Super Team Crossover known to man!

JLA/JSA and Legion of Superheros?

All Star Superman

April 10, 2007

Brilliant comic, best i’ve read in a long time. Frank Quitley artwork is truly amazing and combined with Grant Morrison’s writting you really are reading something quite special.