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2014 Year of the sci-fi movie?

December 30, 2013

This will no doubt be the final blog of this year and I thought I’d end with a look at some of the big sci-fi movies coming out next year. I’m really excited by these movies as they all look really good and seem to be done with some real thought behind them.

Edge of Tomorrow

OK, it’s a Tom Cruise movie but I’ve always had a soft spot for his Sci-Fi stuff. I actually liked Oblivion but then I had really low expectations for it.

Jupiter Ascending

This seems like a return to form from the Wachowski brothers. Cloud Atlas although it looked great seemed like a bit of a disappointment. On the plus side this does have Mila Kunis. I could watch her in anything.


Wally Pfister’s debut. This could go either way, he’s a great DP but can he direct? Also as a Software Engineer. I have yet to see a film successfully capture the computer science in all it’s glory.


OK, the trailer looks like an advert for a car however it’s Christopher Nolan. His moves always make for extreme opinions from my friends they either liked it or hated it. This no doubt will cause similar tensions.