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June 21, 2008

Just finished reading the entire run of the late 90’s series by James Robinson et al and what can I say? Its pure genius, one of the best comic books I’ve ever read and I don’t say things like that often. Even though the series is a good 10 years old its still better then about 9/10ths of the stuff DC Comics is currently churning out. The characterisations were spot on, the plot twists superb. I love the way Robinson worked in the old heroes (Golden/Silver age) with the new, much in the way Geoff Johns does currently. The ‘Stars my Destination’ arc and the brilliant ‘Grand Guignol’ arc will put most writers who aim for the epic to shame….and Opal City…what a place!


Ethnic Comic Characters

June 2, 2008

RIP J’onn J’onzz!

Well, lets assume that he is in fact dead and not coming back, here is my one word opinion on the 1st issue of ‘Final Crisis’….’meh’.

It was alright, nothing special and I am annoyed with the way that the Martian Manhunter’s death was presented as just a foot note to the issue. Basically the issue is just setting the scene but it didn’t leave me wanting more ( well I am going to get the next issue because I’m hoping it will get better and because I’m a sucker ). Why do they always kill characters off just because they have run out of things to do with them…remember Ted Kord?

Now granted I do actually like Ted Kord’s replacement ( well the issues up to number 25 before the writer jumped ship ) and can understand the need to make him a young Latino to attract readers so I’ve kind of changed my opinion on his death. but this leads me on to another question…where are all the ethnics in DC comics?

Lets look at JSA by Geoff Johns, which I think is a great comic, but, that team seems to be composed wholly of whites and blacks ( with one Japanese thrown in for good measure). The current line up of that team annoys me, as does the current line up of the Freedom Fighters. They have some legacy characters which are fine but then the new heroes that have been introduced and have taken the name of what are now ‘second stringer’ legacy characters all happen to be mostly white or black. Can’t Geoff Johns mix it up a little bit and put an Asian American in there? Maybe a Latino or two? I mean according to wikipedia about 4% of all Americans are Asians. Granted we have the Judomaster but she’s Japanese i.e actually from Japan so that doesn’t count does it? In Freedom Fighters the new ‘Neon The Unknown’, for example is Ray’s dad..a white guy..could they not have made him of Korean, or Indian, or Arab origin, you know, the offspring of Immigrants? Another is Lance in JSA, the character is a bit week but why does he have to be white?

I think I’m just waiting for that first Indian-originated ( and by ‘Indian’ I mean having some relation to the sub-continent and not a Native American) superhero in a mainstream comic…. 😦

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Vs Iron Man

June 1, 2008

Well I was expecting a lot worse. It was good, not great but definatley worth the price of admission. I thought Shia would get on my nerves but thankfully he didn’t. The plot was not your usual Indy fair but then I can understand why they went there. There is no denying that Harrison Ford looks his age and it is almost 20 years since the last move ( 20 years! ), so it makes sense for the plot to move with the times as it were ( I’m trying to not give away any spoliers here 😉 ). So definately better then the tinged with racism, temple of doom. ( Don’t get me started on that movie… I actually think its one of the worse depictions of India in a ‘Western’ Movie ever. At least with movies like ‘Gunga Din’ you can give them some leaway since they were made in ‘less enlightened’ times but Spielberg you have no excuse for that monstrosity.)

However I did also see Iron Man the week before and I have to say although its an entirely different beast I seemed to enjoy it a lot more. Probably because I think Robert Downey Jr is a genius but thats my own opinion. The movie had its flaws, the last half of the movie and Gwyneth Paltrow, but I still thought it delivered and the prospect of a sequel doesn’t sound so daunting.

I still think the best movie of summer will be ‘The Dark Knight’. 😉