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Making Dinner

December 31, 2006

I’m probably one of the most impatient people ever, I get pissed off whenever i have to do something which is taking longer to do then I perceived that it would and making dinner is no exception. Making a ready meal is easy, stick it in the oven for the time written on the box and you are done! It does exactly what it says on the box! OK I know this is extremely unhealthy but I enjoy the ease at which it all works. I am trying to be more healthy and start preparing my own stuff but its hard. For a start you ned to have a list of recipes in your head. Why not just use a cook book I hear you say? Because thats not good enough! My Mum, through age and experience never resorts to one (maybe she should on occasion but we won’t go into that here!) Anyway this ‘experience’ makes her a dab hand at knocking something up really quick when the need arises! With me the only thing in my head worth cooking is scrambled eggs. I suppose its not really ‘recipes’ as such but knowing what works,a bit like the TV show ‘ready steady cook’ – when you come back from work and you want to eat fast cause you have to complete the next dungeon in zelda before work the next day…you know what I mean! So New Year Resolution..become a dab hand in the kitchen.. oop got to go my frozen pizza should be just about ready…


Chris Rock Is Nostrodamus

December 28, 2006

Just came across this on YouTube!! How did he know!


December 28, 2006

So thats it! Sadam Hussein to be hanged at the end of January. Why do I feel that this will not solve all the problems that exist in the middle east? I mean there is no dispute that the man is an evil tyrant. Yet the nature of his downfall and the current events in Iraq seems to be leaving a nasty taste in my mouth.

RIP James Brown

December 27, 2006

The dude was funk personified….

Frank Miller Overated

December 24, 2006

Was looking through some of my old comics recently and found my old copy of Dark Knight Returns. Tthe first time I read this I thought it was awesome, but nowwhen i re-read it beig as i am much older i just don’t thinkits as good as I first thought it was. The references to communism (of the russian persuasion), an old Ronald Reagon president seem really dated. Also I resently caught some of his new All Star Batman work and I was so disappointed, it has reached a point where his work has become a parody. Andnow to top it all off i find out that he is writing a graphic novel about Batman’s fight against isamic terrorists. What the f***? There are some places where you shouldn’t go and this isone of them. Its such a serious issue that it shouldbe kept away from the realms of fantasy, also I honestly don’t believe that Frank miller has the subtlety to pull it off…oh well maybe i’m wrong we’ll see!

Funky Skunk

December 21, 2006

Listening to a mix by DJ Shadow at the moment called Funky Skunk, check it out if you can find it.

Middle Class Myths

December 16, 2006

I seem to be at that age where I’m discontent with where I am in my life career and relationship wise. Its not that I’m not actively taking steps to resolve the issues that i’m having (well I think i am anyway!) Its just that I feel that a lot of us twentysomethings have been lied to in terms of what we should be achieving mostly by our parents generation who quite frankly never had it so good. I mean think about it for a second, they managed to go to university for free, and then when they left most were able to walk into a job with relative ease and even though it may not have paid as much then as it does now it didn’t really matter since housing was relatively cheaper then it is now when compared against earnings. Now lets look at my situation, when I graduated it took me a while to find my first job once I had it I wasn’t really 100% happy cause I knew it wasn’t what I wanted to do, but I neded the money because like most of my friends I had university debts to pay. Anyway rigt now I’m on a better path because I am kind of doing what I want to do but then there is still the problem of finding a place to live that I can afford. I mean average house price is 4 times a persons salary and don’t even talk about London where it is almost 7! Salary Vs House prices Go to University, get a job,the house and car, wife and kids will follow. Its just a middle class myth that holds no relevance. And don’t even get me started on social mobilty which seems to have somehow deteriorated under a labour government. I mean its alright for me because I admit I’m fairly priviledged in that I have two degrees and even though I may gripe, I do have what could be descibed as a vaguely successful middle class career. But its not me that Im worried about…its those people at the bottom who are less and less likely to have any chance to move up!

My English is awful

December 12, 2006

So was reading some of my previous blogs and its struck me as to how made my grasp of the english language really is! What am I to do! Maybe its because as a programmer I very rarely have to write whole sentences (and no ‘for (x=0,x

Talking To Strangers

December 10, 2006

So you know the story…its 4am in the morning your waiting at the bus stop at London Bridge for a night bus home with your mates (male and female) and you see a women on her own looking a bit nervous for obvious reasons (just take a look at my picture…would you want to meet me at 4am alone at a bus stop!). Anyway you strike up a conversation just to prove that you are sane and not Jack The Ripper…good idea you think? NO big mistake! Granted the women was very polite and engaged in conversation with me but you could tell from hers eyes that she was thinking “hurry up night bus my weirdo alert is going crazy!!!” LOL. If you were that women, I genuinely meant no harm … just trying to be chivalrous when there probably was no need for it … hope you got home safely!


December 8, 2006

Just read Cat’s Cradle by kurt vonnegut, Very good, well worth looking up.