Dumb Fun

Walter Hill’s new film Bullet to the Head does exactly what it says on the tin and I enjoyed it all the more for it. It’s just a good old fashioned dumb action movie. Walter Hill can still film a good action sequence, the axe fight at the end being a particular highlight.

One thing that I do find disappointing is how lots of film critics have given it mediocre reviews while something like The Hobbit gets slightly above average reviews. I guess genre movies are out of favour. I did not enjoy The Hobbit, it was overlong and well OK it was just too long for a story that doesn’t justify the running time. Bullet however was just great fun, it reminded me of some of the action movies from my youth and while it may not be ground breaking it was short, succinct and reasonably well made without trying to be some grand epic opus. Something which I find incredibly refreshing.


2 Responses to “Dumb Fun”

  1. thebigsmoke Says:

    Better than Django Unchained?

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