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The Driver

November 23, 2008

Just bought the Walter Hill Collection and felt the need to talk about ‘The Driver’. Now Hill is probably more well known for ‘The Warriors’ a great movie. However I consider ‘The Driver’ to be as close to a perfect thriller as I have ever seen. Lets start with the script; its unbeliveably lean, Hill gets rid of all the crappy expositions and explanations of the reasons behind character actions thats you often see in other thrillers, he sticks to the story and tells it hard and fast which, even today is still incredibly refreshing. Another plus point related to the above is the length of the film; at just under 90 minutes it is exactly the length it should be, a lot of films these days seem to go on forever when the story could have ben told in a much shorter fashion. I suppose it has something to do with the cost of cinema tickets and the studios need to give the audience value for money. I sometimes think of the final flim in The Lord of the Rings trilogy and shudder at its multiple endings. The acting is also spot on; Isabella Adjani is so hot in this movie I kept worrying my TV was going to go up in flames. Ryan O’Neil gives a career best performance, aparently at the time the audience couldn’t take to him playing such a role, but now with time I think its brilliant. There is the nice turn by Bruce Dern and ‘The Detective’, if you are an actor and want to know how to do obsession you can’t do much wrong by studing his performance. Finally there is the direction; Walter Hill is one of the most underrated directors of that generation. I think he shot the movie quite fast but the chase sequences were well done and it has a great noir feel to it.



November 9, 2008

Brilliant movie, shows the mafia as they truly are . Check it out. I hear the writer of the book that the movie was based on had to go into hiding because he is wanted by the mafia. The man deserves much respect.