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Sky Falling In

November 6, 2012


So I saw the new Bond film Skyfall yesterday and overall I thought it was OK. Its not amazing and it is flawed in many ways mostly this is due to the plotting.

First the good stuff. Some of the set pieces are brilliant, I liked the opening scene and the finale in the Highlands of Scotland. It was well shot and pretty much all the actors deliver. I particularly like Ralph Fiennes I’ve become a fan of his after In Bruges.

Now the bad is as I’ve mentioned this is mostly down to the plotting. I swear they stole the whole getting captured is part of the villains plan from ‘The Dark Knight’. Moreover I never once felt like any of the heroes were in real danger, i.e. it lacked tension which I think is down to the director Sam Mendes. Even though the Highland finale is fantastically staged it seemed like it was in the wrong film. A mash up of Assault on Precinct 13 with some Straw Dogs thrown in for good measure yet lacking the tension of either of those.¬† Though it did look brilliant ( some excellent cinematography from Roger Deakins ). Perhaps the biggest travesty in the film was all the ‘hacker’ stuff, as a software developer I just found it sooooo silly. Hacking using a graphical map thingy? Seriously? He’s using a polymorphic algorithm? Really? That makes it hard to hack into ?

Overall it’s worth a look but it doesn’t add anything new.

I’ve thought of a new drinking¬† game now too after watching Bond. You have to down a shot while a cobra is wrapped around your arm. No wait make that a redback spider!


What I Haz Been Up 2

November 4, 2012

OK it’s been a while since I’ve blogged and I’d like to apologise to all 2 of my regular readers. So here is a breakdown of what’s been happening.

1) Nexus 7 – I bought one of these babies and I love it! Its not perfect but as a result I’m reading a lot more now then ever, and I read a lot before. Its cheep yet delivers.

2) Saw loads of movies. killing them Softly was depressing but great. Looper didn’t really deliver for me. It was just too much for me to get over the bad physics of the time travel nonsense. Wreck it Ralph was fun and I don’t really have a bad thing to say about it.

3) DVD section. Hired Hand directed by Peter Fonda is beautiful. On my list of great westerns. Tucker and dale vs evil was brilliant and I’m surprised it wasn’t a bigger hit. Seen loads more, I think I might do a blog about Monte Hellman and Robert Aldrich.

4) Food. If you get a chance go to the Hawksmoor. Amazing steak place and the cocktails are pretty good too! I still have dreams about that starter. The Lobster Mac and Cheese is great but be warned it is very rich!

5) Bug – I when to see Adam Buxton’s show which was a special fat boy slim edition. Really funny and just reinforces my opinion that the Web is brilliant yet also nuts!