American Hustle v 12 years a slave

There seems to be a lot of brouhaha about Hustle cleaning up at the globes, especially against a worthier film like 12 years. Having just seen both I’m going to weigh in with my thoughts. Firstly hands down I think 12 Years is a better film. I’ve never warmed to Steve McQueen’s direction but with this movie he out does himself. He knows how to compose each scene beautifully and he gets truly wonderful performances from the cast. Eljifor really deserves to win an Oscar. His quiet understated performance is masterful.

However that’s not to say that Hustle is a bad movie, it’s entertaining and the performances are great though not in a league with 12 Years. The direction though, is not up to par with O’Russell’s previous endeavours and doesn’t come close to touching McQueen. There is a bit too much hair fetish going on (see the film and you’ll understand) and ultimately the whole thing is just a puff piece.

Hustle is a cool kid’s version of what he believes cinema should be. 12 Years just tells a story beautifully and in doing so recreates and defines what film should be.


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