Pacific Rim

My feelings on Pacific Rim are really mixed. The special effects were amazing, there was a lot of detail in them and you could tell that Del Toro had put a lot of his heart into them. I also really liked the fight scenes with giant robots and giant monster, Michael Bay this is how its done properly, take some notes!

However for me it had some issues which ultimately out weighed all this good stuff. These issues were mostly related to the script and casting decisions. The blonde lead whose name I forget is himself totally forgettable. I wish they’d gone for a more interesting casting choice here. I’ve read a load of stuff online about how people got confused and thought he was the actor who played the lead in Tron Legacy. He’s too off the shelf bland and I think the audience have become sophisticated enough to realise this. Also Ron Perlman who is amazing is really wasted as the crime boss. He should have been playing a grizzled ex-jaeger pilot type character. Why does every Hollywood film put a white guy in as the head of a Chinese criminal gang?

However the main issue I have with this movie is the script, it’s full of cliches ranging from the comedy scientists to the antagonism between the lead and the Australian pilot. By the way they looked very similar to one another too! There was also a lot of lazy characterisations relying on the stereotypes to flesh out the characters, the Russian and Chinese Jaeger for example.

I will admit that I did like Idris Elba and the female lead, they put some heart into the movie which was much needed.

Overall though I still would recommend that you see this in the cinema just because of the sheer spectacle of it all and for me it was miles more entertaining then the turgid Man of Steel.



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